Who are we?

  • People and communities.
  • Social and non-governmental organizations
  • National and international academic institutions
  • Public institutions
  • High Schools
  • ​Colleges

We want to play a leading role in linking communities, social organizations, academic institutions, government agencies as well as international organizations through sustainability, on a local, regional, national and international scale.

How do we do it?

We want to build links between individuals, communities, organizations, peoples and nations. To generate links and relationships of coexistence based on social and environmental responsibility, mutual respect, intercultural understanding, equity, justice and solidarity, for development of human life in a community and in harmony with the environment on a regional, national and international level.

What do we do?

Whom do we work with?

Our Mission

Our Goals

•We advise families, communities and organizations on sustainability issues, green technologies and social organization.
•We help communities in their sustainable development, solidarity-based economy and local strengthening processes.

Our Vision

We are a Mexican, secular, non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization. We have been active since 2001

but became legally constituted in 2006.

  • By promoting social participation in organic production, sustainability, and social development.
  • By promoting citizen action and impact on public issues.
  • By promoting peaceful coexistence in intercultural dialogue, human rights and solidarity.
  • By conducting education and training processes.
  • By doing social research, evaluating public policies, designing programs and implementing projects.

•To promote cooperation and solidarity amongst people and communities.
•To deploy sustainability strategies in the economic, social and environmental fields.
•To link communities, civil society organizations, academia, government and international for their cooperation on issues related to ecological sustainability, social development and solidarity-based economy.
•To articulate social, economic, cultural and ecological processes.
•To implement actions to improve the quality of life, social life, intercultural understanding, organic production, fair trade, respect for human rights and the consolidation of democratic practices in public life.